That being said, this post is not about my most recent adventure (that post is coming here soon). This post is about being satisfied. This post is about a hunger that seems to never be complete. It’s about an my insatiable desire for excitement.

Truth is, it’s a part of my nature to crave adventure. It’s so extreme that I actually get depressed if I haven’t had a good thrill in a while. I love the feeling when my friends say “you’re one of the most exciting people I know!” or “that is so cool!” when I show them my pictures.

But I am beginning to realize there is more to this yearning than the normal desire to be affirmed. This hunger goes deeper. This hunger is a sign of how easily I become unsatisfied with all the wonderful things I’ve already been given.

Today as I made scrambled eggs in my kitchen, the song Satisfy by Tenth Avenue North came on (you can listen to it here). In this song, the singer pleads for God to satisfy him from before the day has begun until he returns to his bed each night, to help him see that God is all he wants and all he needs, and that he better than all the world can give. This song struck a chord with me because it helped me realize that I need to focus more on being satisfied with a beautiful God who is better than any amazing ever adventure I can go on.

Only when I learn to find God in the seemingly mundane will I be entirely satisfied.


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