Hey Hey!

Before I begin writing serious posts, I thought it best to tell a bit about myself and what this funny little blog is all about.

If you visited my “about” page, you know that I’m a little quirky. First of all, I only drink decaf coffee, but I make up for my lack of a trendy caffeine addiction by being thoroughly addicted to the internet. You should also know, I adore cats, but since I currently don’t have the privilege of owning a fetching fluffy feline, I live vicariously through the sweat-pant clad, 9 cat owning, cat lady who lives across my road. I am a music junkie and have a special place in my heart for obscure artists who truly love the art they create. I’ve recently taken up photography and truly enjoy capturing candid moments with people I love. And finally, I’m a full time student finishing my 3rd year of undergrad in Business Management and Advertising (woohoo).

Now that I’m done blabbing about myself… The main purpose of this blog is to have a public place to proclaim my private thoughts (not all of them of course. If I wrote everything on my mind, people would be terrified of me). The secondary purpose is to get a stellar grade in the class that requires I keep a blog all semester. I don’t consider myself an eloquent writer, but I try to be clever and hopefully that will make these posts semi-bearable. I don’t have a particular subject to blog about, but if you can tolerate my informal grammar and scatterbrained thoughts, we might have a little fun! In the words of the unforgettable Ms. Frizzle, lets “Take chances! Make mistakes! And get messy!”


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